2019 is proving something of a ‘growth spurt’ year for Turkey. Property prices continue to rise consistently due to room-for-growth housing in sought-after areas such as Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir. Underlying market fundamentals of strong demand set against managed supply are helping to fuel demand, along with rising tourist numbers and a buoyant rentals market.Istanbul’s Basin Express and New Canal Project Pathway.

Istanbul’s Basin Express Highway and Canal Project Pathway is one landmark development that’s continuing to see significant growth. Located in the heart of European Istanbul with excellent transport links to Ataturk airport and the city, Basin Express is also rapidly becoming one of Turkey’s most important financial and business centres. Price points in both areas are significantly less than many of the neighbouring suburbs making them a great choice for a foot-in-the-door investment.


Boasting an established real estate market with a diverse real estate supply, the province caters not only to lifestyle seekers, but also golfers, serious investors and luxury property buyers. Turkey’s premiere coastal resort Antalya has similarities to Miami, certainly in terms of first class beaches, high-end resorts, facilities and ease of living, with the new Boğaçay Marina project set to push the popularity of the city and its investment potential even further. Rising tourist numbers are further helping to drive property prices up. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Antalya ranked in the top 5 in Europe in terms of international tourist arrivals during 2018 and numbers are expected to rise again over the next 12 months, supported by great transport links. Antalya’s airport is the second busiest airport in Turkey operating international flights year-round, hosting over 30 million tourists each year.


Turkey’s third largest city offers investors an attractive mix of cosmopolitan living coupled with laid back coastal lifestyle; its upgraded international airport attracting increasing numbers of foreign visitors. Property for sale starts from as little as £50,000 with many projects coming with extended interest free payment plans making property investment attractive. A vibrant city offering a wealth of historic, cultural and modern attractions, Izmir also boasts all the modern facilities of an easy life alongside an excellent infrastructure. Within easy reach of many historic sites such as Ephesus and the ancient city of Pergammon ensuring a constant tourist and rental demand, the city is also within a few hours’ drive of Bodrum and Kusadasi and just off the main highway running from Antalya to Istanbul.